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everyone's heard of mothman– the big, scary, feathery moth creature that haunts around the outskirts of point pleasant, west virginia– but no one's ever heard of it like this!

in some random idyllic midwestern town, you meet artemis (aka mothman) at your favorite coffee shop and begin an agonizingly slow burn romance with them.  


  • about 88,000 words and 3-5 hours of playtime
  • sexy human versions of all your favorite cryptids and fantasy creatures
  • i mean it's a queer slow burn coffee shop au i'm not really sure what else to advertise here!!!!!

this game is free (yay!), but you can donate when you download or tip me on my ko-fi page if you would like ♡ any spare change will be directly funneled into college tuition and my growing collection of k-pop photo cards.

you can also now buy cryptid coffeehouse merch on my etsy! most of what i have up on there currently is limited and won't ever be printed again so grab it while you can :^)

have any comments, questions, or just want to say hi? feel free to mention me on my twitter! i answer nearly every message and i always try my best to retweet fanworks (◡≦)!!

if you would like, you can also join the official cryptid coffeehouse discord server! there i will be posting a bunch of cute official stuff + updates, and you'll be able to interact with other players & fans of the game <3

content warnings: swearing, mentions of recreational alcohol & marijuana consumption, sexual tension, and a lot of kissing ;)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jan 14, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(296 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Dating Sim, First-Person, LGBT, Romance, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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This game is so amazing!! I loved every second playing it <3

thank you so much for spending your time playing my game [watery eye emoji] it means so much to me!!!! <33333



thank you so much!! TT-TT 你的艺术很美!!!! <3

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OMG I LOVE THIS GAME WITH MY WHOLE HEART-smiling through it all!!!!!!!!!!! please make more games like thisss

im so happy you liked the game omg!!! <3333 i definitely do plan on making more games like this hehehe ^-^ i have one more update planned for cryptid coffeehouse (hopefully coming out sometime this spring/early summer), and then after that i've got a very exciting kurou game im going to be working on :P by popular demand HAHAHA

now although I didn't get that far in I loved it but unfortunately, every time I try to save it closes the game, I was wondering if that might have been a problem for other players and if there was a way to fix it?

oohhhh i actually don't know :( is this still happening? i don't get very many bug reports so often times these issues are one offs... let me know!!!

actually, I just opened it, and randomly my save was just there? guess it must've been something temporary or my fault lol 


i`ve already came back to this game couple times... i love this with my whole heart! Artemis is the best, and the game itself so comforting and cute to me. The way dialogues are written is very sensual and realistic, so i can`t help but remembered my first crush... So, thank you! Cryptid Coffeehouse is magical ❤

wahhh no thank YOU!!!! <3 your playership means so much to me and the fact that you've played the game multiple times really warms my heart :pleading_emoji: i'm so happy that the game resonates with you and feels realistic, it's always so wonderful to hear that. thank you so much!! <3


oh my god this was such an adorable game!! I loved Artemis so much and the option to put in your own pronouns?? absolutely wonderful. i am in love with both artemis and mordag the designs are so good

thank you omg!!!!!!! im so happy everyone loves the custom pronoun options :^) it makes me so happy that ppl are feeling included becoz like... i struggle so much with not having multiple pronoun sets in games and i really wanted to eliminate that with cryptid coffeehouse. and HAHA OMG IM SO GLAD YOURE A MORDAG FAN shes so underrated thank u for giving her the love she deserves <3

this game was so cute! i loved all of the characters so much<3


thank u so much <3 they love u very much as well hehe

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literally comfort game number one. i love this game so much its unreal. first downloaded it in february and i think ive played through it at least 7 times since then. i just love artemis so much. loveliest little dude. absolutely amazing game <333 also i made a playlist for Artemis :O 


awwww :') thank you so so much. i'm so happy that this game brings u so much joy and this comment brings me just as much joy!!! i will be streaming ur playlist hehehe i've already shared it with the discord and i'm sure a lot of other people will be streaming as well :P<3 much love!

This game is honestly adorable i love it! Artemis is so cute and i loved the nicely paced story :) 

Im crying, this game is beautifool <3


I am officially obsessed with this game, it is so neatly packaged and tells a great story with some amazing pacing. The romance didn't feel rushed which I was so grateful for, but it wasn't agonizingly slow to build either. Artemis is ADORABLE and just so !?!?! there are no words for them, just all the good things. I have almost never been so fond of a love interest in a game, they are just the greatest and so sweet, and I cherished every tender & silly moment. I now have to come to terms with the fact that there is no local mothman to have a coffee shop meet-cute with :') Thank you to the developer!! I had so much fun playing.


I was extremely surprised, confused, and a little scared that many of the background images were eerily nostalgic. Did some quick google searches and realized that I was not wrong in my feeling. Many of the images were places near my hometown that I have visited frequently. The most obvious one was the background of the little shops on State Street from Saint Joseph, MI. The fact that the scenes took place in familiar locations made the story much more personal!

Omg!! I thought it looked familiar as well, definitely has Michigan vibes which I love, thanks for pointing this out!


This game accompanied me throughout the summer nights and the first trimester of my senior year , HAS BEEN MY LITERAL SAFE SPACE and i wanted to wish those who worked on the game happy holidays and a happy new year <3 . Thank you for making life more bearable <3. i will manifest good hair,skin and mental health for everyone during 2023 AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

this is literally the cutest game I have ever played. I enjoyed the story and replaying the game to do every option. 10/10, I would recommend playing!! <3

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not me and artemis crying together by the end this was sooooo good. i loved every minute thank you for creating!! (side note i really enjoyed the options to make the first move consentually and cuddle artemis in your lap, i don't find that as often in vn and seeing them get all mushy was adorable ^^)


GHCFGVGU omg this game is so good!!!! and it's really cute I love the music and the characters I've been playing for what feels like 2 hours or so and it's amazing 100/10!!!

Its like 6 am I think I have been playing for 2 or 3 hours. Love the game.


I am devastated. Those were easily the best five of so hours of my life. I thought my face will split in half with how much I was smiling. One of the greatest games I tried, literally perfect. Nice, relaxing atmosphere, incredibly lovable cast from the one and only Artemis (who now owns my heart and may keep it forever) to any minor character. They are so diverse and so-so-so charming, every single one. The romance is paced nicely, the game and the characters are always asking your consent and giving you control. Artemis is, once again, a massive sweetheart, and game gives you lots of opportunities to give them some love. In general there are a lot of options and game keeps track of them nicely, be it MC's tastes or how certain scenes played out or even what form of physical affection MC frequents (judging by the variations in Artemis' dialogue when you kiss them on the cheek for the first time. implemented kiss count? goty). All in all, Cryptid Coffeehouse was a very relaxing, warm and satisfying experience, which I know for sure I'll come back to when I crave comfort and I know it'll deliver. The only flaw I see is that it ends, but eh it had to happen and while it lasted it was incredible.

(Artemis brainrot here i comeee)


artemis my beloved

good cute game 99999999999999/10 will absolutely recommend to any living being i interact with

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i have so much to say about this game, gods. first of all, its got some visibly queer representation, and its done so casually it makes me, a trans man all fuzzy inside.

secondly, this game is so good at personalizing your experience. you get to make little choices that dont affect much, but meant so much to me as a player! like, the fact i got to CHOSE my outfit??? AND they had options both fem, androgynous, and masc?? over the MOON.

thirdly, this game actively asks your consent every time. EVERY. TIME. so often dating sims dont ever consider consent and it literally made my night that this game did.

finally, this game makes me feel warm. i'm a queer person in a deeply conservative town, and in a place where my trauma makes it hard to trust people. fiction is where i'm able to experience connection without fear. this game made me think of what i WANT my life to look like. its warm, safe. my main concerns in life are simple and easy. i have just enough money to buy a good coffee, or a nice wheel of cheese for myself. my friends and i live in comfy, well decorated homes and the getting along is easy. even the hard stuff, is easy, domestic. like, your close friendships are so well written that they genuinely made me emotional because i kept thinking of my best friend since 1st grade whom i now live several hours away from. i kept thinking about how similar it is to how we spend our time together when we're able to see eachother, and how when i move to the big city and she's my roomie, how we'll get to have all these kinds of adventures.

this game is more than just a silly little dating sim. this game is about experiencing an ideal life, full of good coffee, good friends, and a partner that genuinely adores you.

this game made me cry. not because its made me sad, but because it gave me an experience i cannot wait to have for real. it allowed me to live my ideal life for just a few hours. it made me feel loved, both platonically, and romantically. 

this game made me feel safe.

thank you SO fucking much for that.

also i need a trapping naruto shirt so badly i think i may die without possessing it.


LOVE. So, so so fun!!!

This game was so sweet and cute i think i'm about to have diabetes, but i'm not complaining


I am obsessed with replaying this game over and over and replaying the same comments for the sweet ending. I keep replaying the ending I swear it is so frigging cute! I would mark this infinity and beyond out of ten the characters are so cute. I love Mordag, she's baby. Kurou's cute he temper baby. Odina is so frigging classy and I love her, Kolia is so cool and sleek I wish I was her and Artemis is definitely my type and their character just puts me in awe. I wanna say thankies to the creator, the artwork and storyline is snazztastic I am pretty much craving for more!!! Thank you for such an amazing game!!! <3


I loved this! I aboslutley adored Artemis and their character design and personality and if I'm honest my favourite side character is Kurou, such a chill guy. 10/10, hoping there would be a part two! :)


I adore this game!!! Was in an emotional funk today but half-asleep me managed to find this game and leave the page up on my laptop, and it's the best I've felt all day! This game is absolutely amazing, I can't recommend it enough!!


What an absolute delight it was to play this game! The art, the characters, the writing is just *chef's kiss* phenomenal.

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No joke, this is one of the best romance VNs I've ever played. I love Artemis so much, they kill me every time they blush skjgbksdbgakgb 😭 so adorable!!! It's really endearing how we get to know them little by little and how, slowly but surely, Artemis and the player start falling for each other, gosh I'm such a sucker for slow burn fluffy romance kjdsbgkabgkab AAAAHHHH!!!!

I really loved everything, the art, the writing, the music, the characters!!!

I hope there's a sequel sometime, I already miss this beautiful moth kdsbgksdjbgk

Amazing job!!!

This game was absolutely amazing, the art, writing and everything was so cute and during the museum part i realized it looked familiar till i realized i live right next to that museum. Anyways this was such a good game!!

I cried when I finished this I was so sad that it was over

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Ive known Artemis for a day and a half but if anything happened to them I would kill everyone in this room and then myself




HAHAHA THANK YOU SM!! im so happy u liked them :^) i know that they like you a lot too... they told me themself ;]


comfort game!!!!! played it so many times i lost count. thank u sm for making this masterpiece, i am kissing u on the forehead rn <3 <3 <3

[watery eyes emoji] thank you so much :') i am gratefully accepting ur forehead kiss!!!

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Everything about this game was absolutely wonderful. I literally made an itch.io account to comment about this. I have very few games where I feel truly cherished by the characters and especially in a way that feels real. Artemis is such an absolutely fantastic character to fall in love with and grow with. I played all in one day but the way everything was spaced out and written, you feel closer with them and by the end it was hard to think of them as someone who had just spilled their coffee on you by accident. You grow and love so much together. Also I have never seen the kind of platonic love in games like this like the MC and Odina have for each other. I feel the same kind of overwhelming love for my friends and it was euphoric to see that in a game. The healthy balance between love for your friends and a romantic interest. Managing relationships in such a beautiful way!! I know for a fact I'll be replaying this game over and over and over and I'm surprised I'm just finding it now. I'm in love thank you for all the hard work and love you must've put into this game <333 Also every one of these characters are wowowow amazing beautiful stunning fantastic <3

i know i chatted with you a little on twitter about your thoughts abt the game but WAHHH even so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! your sweet words when it comes to this game are so so nice and i really appreciate the time you've taken to write such a kind and thoughtful comment <3 


I've replayed this a few times now and it touches my heart every time, your writing/character portrayal is so descriptive and lovely! I can't wait to see what else you do with this game going forward !! (and possibly the ability to become friends with the cool kids Kolia and Kurou lol)

(possible spoilers below:)
I was wondering if there was any way to lose the date competition with Artemis, I replayed the date a number of times but I only ever won or tied. I'm curious what Artemis requests if they win ;v;

thank you so much!!! <3 i'm so happy you enjoy the game so much to want to replay it, that means so much to me [wiping tears from my eyes LOL] trust me... i am actually planning to write some friendship stuff with kurou and kolia but don't tell anyone though... heheheh :P

and actually no there isn't! i coded the game so that artemis would always lose, but a lot of people have asked me if it was possible for them to win... so i think when i finish up the new update i'm creating i'm going to make them have the ability to win :O i wasn't expecting so many people to be curious!!


Artemis is my little buzz buzz and I would do anything to make them smile, even if that means losing to boost their ego 。*:☆(・ω・人・ω・)。:゜☆。 <33

I usually pick up VNs on Itch over Steam, but I wanted to ask--is there any difference between the Steam release and this? 


no there isnt! you'd think there would be since on itch it's free/pay what you want and on steam it's paid, but nothing between them is different. it's just part of my game dev practice to provide accessible options for players, and i know that some people don't have the resources to pay like $11 for a game or something. i've noticed that paywalls often times discourage people from playing certain games and i think it's really important to be able to provide players the ability to have the experiences games provide regardless of if they can afford to pay for it or not! so this game has a free option and a paid option :^) you can choose whatever works for you the best!

i've also noticed that a lot of the people that play my game in particular are a lot of young queer people and i know that it's not exactly easy to ask your parents for money to buy a queer game... it's easier to just remove that roadblock so they can still have the game's experience without having to have uncomfortable conversations that they're not ready for yet ^_^

apologies for the long winded response hehehe but i've actually been waiting for someone to ask :P hope you have a good time playing the game!!! <3


Dude this game is so sweet. It had me giggling like a fourteen year old, well done! :D


awww thank you so much! i'm so happy you enjoyed the game <333 ^_^


1. I did NOT expect to be playing this game for hours

2. It's AMAZING. Much more fun and sweet than I thought it would be. If anyone is even considering downloading this, do it. RIGHT NOW!!


hahaha it kind of sucks you in doesn't it? sometimes i replay it and i end up playing for like 5 hours straight, and i'm the one who made the game LOL :P thank you so much for playing and leaving such a sweet comment!!! <3



i LOVE this game 10/10 will play again




THIS MADE ME FR CRY!! I'm not even joking by the end I was just giggling and kicking my feet while crying it's so adorable!! 10/10 will play again some time!!!!

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