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everyone's heard of mothman– the big, scary, feathery moth creature that haunts around the outskirts of point pleasant, west virginia– but no one's ever heard of it like this!

in some random idyllic midwestern town, you meet artemis (aka mothman) at your favorite coffee shop and begin an agonizingly slow burn romance with them.  


  • about 88,000 words and 3-5 hours of playtime
  • sexy human versions of all your favorite cryptids and fantasy creatures
  • i mean it's a queer slow burn coffee shop au i'm not really sure what else to advertise here!!!!!

this game is free (yay!), but you can donate when you download or tip me on my ko-fi page if you would like ♡ any spare change will be directly funneled into college tuition and my growing collection of k-pop photo cards.

you can also now buy cryptid coffeehouse merch on my etsy! most of what i have up on there currently is limited and won't ever be printed again so grab it while you can :^)

have any comments, questions, or just want to say hi? feel free to mention me on my twitter! i answer nearly every message and i always try my best to retweet fanworks (◡≦)!!

if you would like, you can also join the official cryptid coffeehouse discord server! there i will be posting a bunch of cute official stuff + updates, and you'll be able to interact with other players & fans of the game <3

content warnings: swearing, mentions of recreational alcohol & marijuana consumption, sexual tension, and a lot of kissing ;)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jan 14, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Dating Sim, First-Person, LGBT, Romance, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I usually pick up VNs on Itch over Steam, but I wanted to ask--is there any difference between the Steam release and this? 


no there isnt! you'd think there would be since on itch it's free/pay what you want and on steam it's paid, but nothing between them is different. it's just part of my game dev practice to provide accessible options for players, and i know that some people don't have the resources to pay like $11 for a game or something. i've noticed that paywalls often times discourage people from playing certain games and i think it's really important to be able to provide players the ability to have the experiences games provide regardless of if they can afford to pay for it or not! so this game has a free option and a paid option :^) you can choose whatever works for you the best!

i've also noticed that a lot of the people that play my game in particular are a lot of young queer people and i know that it's not exactly easy to ask your parents for money to buy a queer game... it's easier to just remove that roadblock so they can still have the game's experience without having to have uncomfortable conversations that they're not ready for yet ^_^

apologies for the long winded response hehehe but i've actually been waiting for someone to ask :P hope you have a good time playing the game!!! <3


Dude this game is so sweet. It had me giggling like a fourteen year old, well done! :D

awww thank you so much! i'm so happy you enjoyed the game <333 ^_^


1. I did NOT expect to be playing this game for hours

2. It's AMAZING. Much more fun and sweet than I thought it would be. If anyone is even considering downloading this, do it. RIGHT NOW!!

hahaha it kind of sucks you in doesn't it? sometimes i replay it and i end up playing for like 5 hours straight, and i'm the one who made the game LOL :P thank you so much for playing and leaving such a sweet comment!!! <3



i LOVE this game 10/10 will play again




THIS MADE ME FR CRY!! I'm not even joking by the end I was just giggling and kicking my feet while crying it's so adorable!! 10/10 will play again some time!!!!

I LOVE THIS GAME, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Its made extremely well and its by far the best dating game I've played <3 I love how you can put in your preferred pronouns too! not many dating games give you the choice :) I found myself getting invested in it almost instantly and overall, 10/10 would recommend!

LOVED the game artemis is adorable and such a romantic (in my case) i love the game, the story, the style, and everything else! and i think it would be a great idea if you made a sequal to the game?

This is just amazing game! i love all the characters and their style and Artemis is the cutes. Keep up the good work and hopefully you can make more games like this. Everything was cute and romantic. Hopefully their will be more games like this!

i made an account just to say how much i love this game. I played the who,e thing in roughly 3 and a half hours just now and i dont think i will ever be the same. I really didn't think id like this game as much as i did but Artemis is exactly my type and i dont know how im going to go on without them lol. great writing and great artwork, i hope to see more from the dev!


I now understand why ppl like games like this Ive never been happier :D


gods this was great. i loved this so much.


If all the cryptids are here, where's Jerma?



What does the thirty dollar bracelet do? i bought it and didnt notice any difference in dialogue or gameplay (ive played this game like 4 times) 


I just love them so much. I go back to this to feel happy ^^


i adored this visual novel. i literally almost cried when it ended. i loved it so much. i wanna try a different route though but its the one where you like not date him or something. that will probably break my heart but. I ADORED THIS SO MUCH IF I DONT HAVE A PARTNER LIKE ARTEMIS I DONT WANT IT 


it crashed for me after our second encounter with artem, what can I do help- 


no words only pure heartache over knowing Artemis cannot be mine irl 😭😭🥹


i haven’t finished playing until the end yet, but i love artemis and all the other characters so much. (i would literally die for artemis and mordag <3)


AAAH this game was so cute I felt like I belonged in this story, the more I got into it the more I was obsessed I felt loved by Artemis to the point where I actually started acting like they were real. The friendship with Artemis and their friends was adorable it made me want to have friends just like them, the fact That I was halfway in and I started crying their words make me flutter for some reason and THEIR SMILE IS SO CUTE AHHH <3 but I probably need to face the fact that they aren't real 

Ps.Love your game


This game is Absolutely amazing, I am totally head over hells for Artemis they had me twirling my hair and kicking my feet the whole game. I literally have a emotional attachment to them(lol). This game also has a really good story line I almost played the game in one sitting and never got bored of it. Honestly I wish I could play the game forever. I definitely recommend playing this game.

just, congrats dude, this is one of the best story based games i have ever played, i loved every second of it :D


Artemis is soo cute i wish horrors beyond my comprehension were real.


oh my god oh my god i read the comments before playing and was like eh sure idk if itll be that good...



i want this game to continue forever istg i was blushing screaming artemis is so sweet?????? IM?????

i also love the art style its giving picrew style in like the best way possible

and the backgrounds!!! i love how theyre realistic enough to communicate the setting but still nicely stylised so it doesnt break the fantasy

10000000000/10 im gonna brainrot over this for an unhealthy amount of time artemis has my ENTIRE heart im sobbing

cannot express how fun and engaging this game was to play, i played it thru in one go spamming spacebar so i could get to the next cool thing (which was all of it bc the game is awesome) the characters were so realistic and i love how the typing segments weren't stilted and awkard like it can be in other games. if you choose to add more to this i would literally go insane. thank you so much!


Hello! I only ever made an itch.io account just so I could write down this comment! I absolutely love Artemis and I think my crush on them will be a lifetime kind of crush, that's just how lovable they are! I drew them for my sketching routine I've been getting up to lately, I hope it looks accurate- if not at least decent ^^


THIS IS ADORABLE, I love the way you drew them:)


you know, i played this because i usually don't take these seriously but when i tell you how much i love this. I STARTED SOBBING WITH ARTEMIS AT THE END. they mean so much to me even tho they don't exist and makes me cry more :,) at the beginning i was like "oh, this is nice and cute." BUT WHEN I SAW ARTEMIS. UgHGVUGguG MY HEART GOES TO THEM. this is basicly the best one i have read and i actually ended up falling for them. i fucking cant believe i fell for a moth. i'm sobbing and blushing at the same time. art is amazing. plot is amazing. everything is. yes. keep up the good work :,D have a nice day/night to whoever read this <3


OEMGEEE I just finished this game and I just, first of all, want to thank you for creating this!!! You've completely made me fall in love with this character along with the story, gosh, I was so immersed!!! Like Artemis is all I think abt now,,, I'm absolutely brain rotting over that fella <333 LIKE;;; THERE'S NO NEED FOR A MOTH TO MAKE ME FEEL THIS TYPA WAY!??! and I like how it was just a genuine feel-good novel with likable and uniquely designed characters!! Every single character is essential in their own little way and our relationships with them are so much fun to watch (if that makes sense idk im typing this at 1am @_@). I also want to go ahead and say that this game has kind of helped me get my spirits up and feel not so down since I've been kinda out of it lately... It took me by surprise that your character has brought me so much joy and seeing Artemis sort of break down at the end abt how much they appreciated US kinda made me feel all tingly on the inside and (not to sound like a loser) feel loved again :] Ugh,,, I just love every aspect of this game and I could go on and on abt how much I love it it's just so good!!! (>///<) I am DEFINITELY looking forward to what you have in store for us in the future with this series!!! and I may or may not draw all of these lovely characters and make up fake scenarios in my head for the next couple of months ;)))


I Love this game!!! I've deleted and re-written this comment so many times trying to get my point across, but I loved everything about this game! I love your art style and the way you wrote it made it so easy to get into and visualize what they were talking about! I also really liked the music and sound effects! If this is in development then I'm super excited to see more! (≧∇≦)/


casually made a account just to comment,,

first of all i absolutely loved this so much!!! it’s literally a masterpiece and i absolutely adore the plot and the characters!!

also its kinda funny because my name is also artemis lmao


That was ABSOLUTELY amazing! It’s currently late because I played this in one go!! The art, the music, the characters, the plot, MWAH! Chefs kiss. <3

im kissing u gently on the forehead rn... MWAH!!!!! thank you sooo much, so happy that you liked the game and all of the elements inside of it <3 warms by heart!!


THANK U FOR THE UPDATE IT'S SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!! i'm on my fourth or fifth playthrough now and i'm slowly getting my roommate addicted to it hehehe

p.s. im still on the lookout for the trappin naruto shirt but no luck yet :-(

FOURTH OR FIFTH PLAYTHROUGH?!? omg im so flattered!!!! wahhh!!!!!! but on the note of trappin naruto... i will have to find the picture that i was referencing because i swear dude i swear the shirt exists in real life


This was so fucking great! Oh my god we need more ga(y)mes like this. I was uncontrollably smiling at so  many it just makes me so happy and makes me feel so comforted I'm so in love with this gayme!!!!

GAYMES!!! so true oh my god, so happy that you like it so much <3 can't wait for you to see all the cool new things i'm planning on doing with this gayme hehehe


i have never simped for a fictional character in a visual novel so bad before. i love the art style and the story over all its so cute!! one of my favorites 10/10 will play again😭😭


hehehehehehehe glad to know u like artemis so much <333 thank you soooo much this means everything to me!!!


Oh. My. GOODNESS I am obsessed w this game! You should feel very very proud!! This is one of my all time favorite VNs, the characters are so lifelike, the artwork is amazing, and despite only having one 'route' I am so in love w Artemis I want to replay it just to fall in love w them again!

I see that this game is still marked as "in development" - I can't wait to see what you'll add! If I could make a suggestion, I would really like to go to another of Artemis's shows now that we (players) are actually dating them :0 maybe someone flirts w them after the show?? idk I want to hold true to my promise of going to every show :,)

Thank you for this game! <3 I will be watching for updates :D

thank you so much!!!!!!!! i know that i've gotten a lot of comments on this thing but to hear that so many people share the same sentiments fills my heart with so much love ;-;!!!! 

and omg.. i love when people ask about the development that im planning coz really i cannot keep my mouth shut no matter how hard try LMFAOOOO!!!! okay so like... i have more than several events that im thinking about working on but here's a super quick rundown of some things i was planning becoz like i said.. i cannot keep my mouth shut:

  • player going to visit artemis at work (since they're employed now!!)
  • player sitting in on one of point pleasant's band practices (in kolia's garage!!!)
  • artemis taking the player to meet their family (dianaaaa!!!)
  • a couple other things that im still thinking about, but i wanted to have this update be a direct response to things that the players would like to see, so i am noting down everything you've said <333

thank you for playing!!! means so much to me <3

(1 edit) (+3)

I love this game so much!! I love it so much about that everytime I try to write this comment it just doesn't do my feelings justice. I typically don't feel much when it comes to romantic visual novels but this game is the exception. This game had me so invested that anytime I wasn't playing it, I was thinking about playing it. And like every time the mood shifted mine also shifted with it, like if the tone was happy I was also happy, but if it shifted to being tense I became tense with it. I also LOVE the characters, they feel very three-dimensional, I definitely think you succeeded with 'show not tell' with them. At the very end, when Artemis was crying, I genuinely felt like crying with them, and I don't cry easily. All in all, if there was one experience that I could relive, it would definitely be playing this game for the first time. I'm now kind of interested in making my own visual novel now. Sorry if this was formatted weird, I'm not great at writing emotional stuff lol

this is genuinely one of the sweetest comments that i've ever gotten truly... to know that you dont typically get emotional & that you don't really play these kinds of games and you liked the thing that ive created... wahh it really means so much to me T-T i am so flattered that you were able to feel the emotions of the game and the characters that i've created is truly something that i will hold so dearly to my heart. i really wanted to create a story that people were able to experience and understand and influence and to know that i was successful really means everything to me!!!! definitely try to make your own vn, it can be such a rewarding experience and you might love it just as much that i've loved making this game :]<333




(1 edit) (+2)

this is my first time commenting, but i really like these kinds of visual novels (plus i really liked that I could express myself as she/they in the game!!) i do hope that you make more of these kinds of games because i really love how the story progresses. even though that i don't normally enjoy slow burn stories, this one is an exception. sorry for my english but do you have plans to create a new game? because i would definitely play it!


!!! im so happy to hear u liked the pronoun options!! thats been a thing people have been talking about since i released the game and i wasnt expecting that it was gonna be something people appreciated so much hehehe <3 hmmm but i do actually have plans for several games!!! like ive thought about making at least two (maybe three?) spinoff games... one about taz, one about odina (and kolia maybe), and then maybe one about kurou... but im just thinking!!! i do also have plans to make a new little story & art update for this game but trust me im sooooo not done with this game and the world yet hehehe. there's so much i havent done yet and i cant wait to keep telling stories hehehe :] and your english is lovely <3


After having taken a nap (because, to be honest, this game had me so interested that I might've messed up my sleep schedule adjfndsmf) I can say that even after awaking, this game is still something that was on my mind and I felt the need to leave a comment :) This game is one of the most beloved that I have played in a long while? I came into it thinking that it would just be a fun, cute little short game where I would get to the end fast and remember it as a "fun little experience" but I instead I found myself having to personally pause and take a walk around my room because of these amazing, sweet characters. As someone who is also currently coding a visual novel, I was just so caught off guard by live like the characters were, ESPECIALLY Artemis. I would pause the game and kind of just sit on the save/load screen just wondering "Is this a conversation the creator actually had????" because the dialogue, the way characters spoke, the way they reacted, their feelings, desires, interests, it all felt so unbelievably natural, as if they were entirely just based off real people and it was so easy to loose myself in the story and feel completely welcomed into this wonderful world you have weaved :) (it probably also helps that i've been in some of those exact situations with actual friends- especially the hunting for the awful shirts, thrift stores are great i swear)

And to top it all off, I look at this page, wanting to see other peoples comments, wanting to know if anyone else had the amazing experience that I had and I see that the creator is absolutely interested in feedback and is responding to people! It's kind of a weird comment to make, maybe??? But it always makes me smiles when I see people being actively interested in what they've crafted and it brings even more of a smile to my face when the creator seems like such an honest and nice person with how their responding and I have to sit there with a big dorky smile and just "Wow, a win for the community, creator is kind person, funny person, type of person that I wanna be friends with :)"- I don't know if that explanation makes any sense or comes off as dumb but whatever uhjdsakfdsjm

My point is that this game is now on my lists of "Amazing games that make me smile with Amazing creators that I wanna be friends w/ :DDD"

(and a gift of friendship- fanart of my favorite moth)

THIS COMMENT IS SOOOOOO CUTE oh my god, wahhhhh WAHHHH this is so cute. genuinely this is so sweet. the fact that you took the time to write something so thoughtful is very very sweet TT-TT i will be honest, i read it like five times before i thought i was able to respond LOOOL!!!! im so happy that you enjoyed the game and you found everything to feel realistic (this was a huge goal of mine hehehehe im very glad people think my characters and my world are lifelike o_o!!!). i will confess though LOL a lot of this game genuinely is inspired by some of my irl experiences/friends + a lot of the images are taken from places in my city but its so nice that it all translates into these characters hehehehe

and omg i feel so rude if i dont respond to comments!!!!! im seriously just a little guy and even though its been a couple months since this game has been out, im still so shocked by how well its been received and every comment that i get really feels like a huge honor ;w; wahh i just want to show everyone my appreciation coz truly... i am simply a little guy who makes little games!!

AND THIS ART im gonna pass away and die. currently putting this drawing in my pocket forever and ever and ever. ur style is so cute artemis looks so cute wahhh thank you <33333


hooo boy how do i start. 

i absolutely love this game so much !!! artemis makes me literally so happy and there have been many times my feelings have gone brrrrr jsut HHEDHhmkrdhjkehn??? literally my type omg. continuing on- this is honestly one of the most best written visual novel/dating sim games that i have played. i love the plot so much, i love how it revolves around a coffee shop, the characters are absolutely loveable, i love the options for the pronouns, and it gave me so much serotonin and happy feels. lemme tell you, i am definitely playing this game way more bahahah 10/10 would recommend playing!!

tysm for making this game, nukes !!!!

wahhhh oh my god, thank you so so so much!!!! comments like these always mean the world to me TT-TT !!!!! artemis is very much my type as well LMFAO thats the reason they're the way that they are, and im very happy to know that theyre other peoples type as well <333 im so thrilled that the game made you feel things and that you wanna play it again [imagine me wiping my tears] thank you so much for playing!!! <33

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